Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.” -Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple Inc.

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Success Story | Hencon Vacuum Technologies Hencon Logo
Industry: Engineering & Manufacturing

David de Oliveira, GM of Hencon Vacuum Technologies

Success Story | Yahleads Logo
Industry: Web Design, Online Marketing & Lead Generation

Jan Rautenbach, Owner & CEO of Yahleads

Success Story | Eltura Environmental SolutionsEltura Logo
Industry: Industrial Dust Control & Dust Suppression

My business has grown by 400% from last financial year …

I have been working with Roy since June 2014. The decision to give business coaching a try, though, was taken already in April 2014 when I first met Roy and attended one of his business growth seminars. I have a doctorate in Economics & Management, an MBA plus experience from top multinationals and from involvement in various entrepreneurial activities, but was at a point in my life where I didn’t have sufficient motivation to carry on and do what was required to grow my business… It’s fair to say I was at a crossroads… I had to make a hard decision; either to carry on as best as I could… or to accept an offer from a foreign company to start a branch in South Africa …

2013 was one of the worst years of my life… To cut a long story short, I went through a divorce and ended up losing pretty much everything. However, despite giving little attention to the business in this period, I somehow managed to secure a big contract with one of the world’s major mining companies… This got me thinking; “If I managed that with zero or little effort, imagine how much more I could achieve if I was able to give the business the focus and attention it deserves…”

However, I needed motivation, structure and direction. Putting aside the usual thoughts of the budget required for working with Roy, I decided to give it a shot and commit to the program for at least three months to begin with. At the time of writing, we are entering the sixth month of the program and the only thought I am having is to eventually increase my time with Roy and get my staff on the program too! My revenue has so far grown by 400% compared to last financial year, and the company is starting to look like a proper business! I have hired a business development manager from a competitor and a PA. A proper structure is being put in place in every area of the business and different strategies are being adopted to achieve the following three main goals:

  1. Grow revenue while maintaining or improving profitability levels …
  2. Reduce the business’ dependency on a small number of key customers …
  3. Build a business that can eventually operate without being reliant on me …

Targets have been identified for the year and are being monitored. A sales strategy is in place and is monitored on a weekly basis. A marketing strategy has been adopted with the objective of generating leads and increasing sales. My time, as well as that of my team, has been structured in ways so that we all work smarter rather than harder.

The necessity for me to work ON the business rather than IN the business has been acknowledged and put into practise. Mistakes in different areas have been acknowledged and treated as learning lessons rather than depressing circumstances.

The business has now a reason to exist: we formulated my VISION, MISSION and VALUES and aligned it with those of my employees. I have now regained the passion for what I have started and the motivation to grow, succeed and make a difference.

All in all, I have realised the importance of knowing at any point in time what’s happening in each and every area of my business. Roy often presents different ideas, views, plans, strategies and concepts, which contribute to the growth of my business, my employees and ultimately myself. He is definitely a high interest bearing asset to the company rather than an expense. 

Dr. Carlo Fortugno, majority shareholder and CEO of Eltura Environmental Solutions

The Heart of a Winner …

“Roy – You have the heart of a winner. You are competitive without being contrary. You showed me it is possible to go all out for the win without forgetting that everyone can be a winner. From you I learned abundance. Thank you for being my teacher!”Roy in the words of friend and fellow ActionCOACH, Dave Roemer of Westerville, Ohio