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Why you Need a Coach

Roy Odegard provides business help and business coaching services to businesses in Johannesburg. Do you want to be a great performer? Then it’s time to connect with Roy now. As the world of business moves faster it is difficult to keep up with both the changes in your industry as well as the innovations in sales, marketing and management strategies. Having a Business Coach isn't a luxury you don't need, it is a necessity your business must have. 

Accountability is one of the greatest strengths of working with a Business Coach. Remember, it's difficult to get a truly objective answer from yourself about your business, but your Business Coach will always tell you the truth, even if you don't want to hear it. If you are a small-to-mid sized business owner in Johannesburg and would like to grow your business, skyrocket your profits and build robust systems so the business can work without you in it, it's time you get in touch with Roy Odegard.

Who is Roy Odegard?

I am an internationally certified Business Success Coach, public speaker and entrepreneur based in Lonehill in Johannesburg's northern suburbs. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and provide business help, business advice, business coaching and business mentoring services to ambitious entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium sized businesses, mainly in the Johannesburg area of Gauteng province in South Africa.

I have a burning passion for helping businesses like yours grow and become profitable, so you, the business owner can enjoy the lifestyle you and your loved ones deserve.

As your Business Coach and advisor, I will help you deliver the results you desire using proven tools, methodologies and systems, tested and perfected over tens of thousands of businesses worldwide for more than two decades. I will hold you accountable for your results and just like a sports coach, I will push you to perform at optimal levels so that you may achieve your ultimate potential.

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